Rainy Day, Dream Away


Let the sun take a holiday


The perks to living in Southern California…beach days all year round. In general I live a little too far inland to make the beach a regular part of my week (or month, or year for that matter) but when I get the chance it’s always such a serene experience and I vow to return sooner than later. What better to wear on a stormy January day than a blue velvet mini. With cozy pink thigh highs and ankle strap clogs, I felt a little like a California-ized Harajuku girl. Speaking of Hariauku, I am heading back to Japan in May and absolutely can’t wait for a few days of incredible fashion indulgence. Until then I’ll enjoy my beach time and west coast style vibes. Continue reading

Hell Yes, 2017


New Year, New Bunnie


The first post of the new year. I have an incredible amount of things to be thankful for that happened this past year. I started off 2016 by a trip to Japan, New Orleans, Maui, Canada, then while I was in Ohio I got a call that brought me to Europe for over three months to tour with the Italian artist, Zucchero. I’ve barely had a chance to settle back home and now I’m getting ready to head out again. This time for six months in five continents! This year I’m gonna hit it hard, the blog is getting an overhaul and I PROMISE the clothing line and perfume line will be released. (Which in fact will be finished before I leave for tour in March!) That is my absolute New Year’s resolution that I will not and cannot break. My “flossing every day” New Year’s resolution has become pretty comical because it’s been attempted the past five years with complete failure. I completely thrive on staying busy and this year is gonna be jam packed with performing, travel and the start to my new fashion business. And what better way to roll into the new year than in a couture dress from J Gerard Couture and Octer crushed velvet thigh highs. Continue reading

Most Wanted USA


New Years Giveaway!!!


The more I visit Las Vegas, the more I end up staying completely away from the strip and venturing into downtown. The neons are cooler, the hotels are vintage, the bars get more creative with their cocktails and you can even get glitterized beer. One of my fave little crafty cocktail spots, Atomic Liquors, has turned into my regular stomping grounds. Happy hour with a holiday mule, some vintage staples I scored in Europe and a tooled cross-body saddle bag by Most Wanted USA. This little hand-tooled leather bag traveled with me to over a dozen countries in Europe this past fall. It’s one of my absolute favorites and that’s why I’m super stoked to be doing a giveaway of this exact purse with Most Wanted USA! Check out my instagram @bohobunnie to enter! Continue reading

Feather and Bone UK


Tour life in London


I honestly couldn’t have imagined a better trip to London. I met up with friends from high school and college I hadn’t seen in years, had an amazing evening with bandmates and crew at an incredible Indian restaurant that randomly ended up as a late night hang in an antique shop, did a photo shoot for the amazing designer Feather and Bone UK, and oh, got to play Royal Albert Hall SOLD OUT TWO DAYS IN A ROW! I’ll get back to Royal Albert Hall in another post, but first the reason you’re probably reading this blog in the first place…for the fashion, duh. I’ve been a HUGE fan of Feather and Bone for almost two years now, starting when we did our first collaboration for Coachella in April 2015. This company makes the most magically fitting, extremely feminine and sexy clothes that are so incredibly effortless. This little pink dress has been my go-to piece for the past month since I’ve been home in the states. With tights, with converse, with thigh high boots…I kinda want one in every color. And for all of my readers, use a special code ‘BOHO10′ for 10% off everything (even sale)! Continue reading