Burnin’ Sky


The sky is burnin’ I believe my soul’s on fire.


The best moments are always the unplanned ones. From lounging over a glass of wine in pj’s to running out to the middle of the desert with nothing but boots and a shawl to catch the last 15 minutes of light, Ashley and I created one of my favorite desert shoots featuring Pachamama Bohemian. Something about letting things happen organically and not giving time constraints or even expections to a situation makes the process so beautifully raw and natural. A few bottles of wine, a couple smoke bombs and the Las Vegas desert was more than enough inspriation for making magic at dusk. Continue reading

Canstatter Volksfest


Prost, Beerfest!


Our first stop after our 11-show residency at the Arena di Verona was Stuttgart, Germany. Absolute perfect timing that we walked into a city hosting a beer fest that has become more popular than Oktoberfest! The booziest of all boozey lunch days started after just after 2 pm and went until we overstayed our welcome on the kiddie rides. Archery, cookies, haunted houses, makeshift lederhosen, authentic German hankies and plenty of pilsner was reason enough to skip through the entrance of Volksfest like obnoxious American tourists. After purchasing a cheap pair of German suspenders and an adorable printed hanky that is probably more flight attendant than sexy beer fest girl, Ashley and I set to work on drinking as many liters as we could handle while still taking bloggy photos. Wearing L’Artigiano di Riccione and White Crow Brand, I couldn’t have organized a better non-lederhosen beer fest ensemble. Continue reading

Secret Garden


“If you look the right way, you can see that the whole world is a garden.”


Tucked away in the fairly industrial city of Stuttgart, Germany exists probably the most beautiful botanical gardens I have every seen. Lush greens, exotic temples and dahlias of every color. It literally felt like walking into our very own secret garden. I can imagine the weddings, even couture fashion shoots that have been shot here. With walls of pure green, it couldn’t be a better place to be a redhead. Continue reading

Dames in Deutschland


Guten Morgen Stuttgart.


Our very first venture into Germany started with a boozy brunch and a photo shoot outside the government building in Stuttgart. Nothing quite says tourist like laying on the cobblestone just outside of the main entrance of a capital city’s government offices. Of all the places to be kicked out of a photo shoot location I was pretty convinced this would be the one. I’d like to give a special thanks to any officials in the building for letting us get weird on the doorsteps of your capital building. I hope you agree it made for a killer backdrop for this retro faux suede Shop Tobi dress. Keeping it minimal with monotone boots that look like they could have been cut from the same fabric, the inaugural international Boho Bunnie shoot was completed. Next stop, Beer Fest… Continue reading

Queen of Hearts


I left my heart in Vienna.


I’m just in awe of this magical city that is filled with so much love, music and history. I grew up playing classical music and this is the epicenter where it all began so I naturally have a special connection to this part of the world. And being the first international Boho Bunnie shoot, it was fitting to have a location be so close to my roots. Our day in Austria was no different than a day of photo shoots in any other part of the world: boozy lunch, coffee, shoot photos, beer break, more photos, a few glasses of prosecco, shop for props, just one more cocktail, and end the day of shooting at magic hour at our favorite location. The Belevedere Castle was the lucky location that was chosen to end our last day of shooting in Europe. Almost like it was waiting for us, we had the castle grounds to ourselves to play and roll around in the gravel. With nothing but an embroidered slip dress from Shop Tobi and bouquet of dahlias we picked up at a corner flower market, I made the Belvedere Castle my home through the final moments daylight. Continue reading