Pappy and Harriets


Desert gypsy


I had heard of this magical music venue in the desert for years before I was able to experience it for the first time just recently. Driving in from LA just in time to fit in a few shoots before dark, Pappy and Harriet’s in Pioneertown was the first stop of the trip. LA traffic of course always adds hours to any trip but once you hit the dirt roads and the dark desert highways of Joshua Tree, it’s all worth it. I must say the desert is truly the place where I feel most at ease and connected to the universe. The stars, the cool, dry evenings and the expansive horizon is what I would love to experience every night. Desert wanderings call for gypsy threads and these sheer black pieces from Gypsy Junkies are welcome to join me in the desert any time. Continue reading

Flores Lane


Hand poured from the heart of Los Angeles.


I have a complete soft spot for candles. When I’m working from home there’s not a day that goes by that I don’t have one of my favorite scents burning. I go back and forth between pretty, clean florals and warm spicy scents. When I’m gearing to go, I’ll opt for a light and bright fragrance and when I’m in for the night burning the midnight oil and working on all sorts of music and blog projects, I love a warm, earthy scent. Flores Lane covers the spectrum with every gorgeous home fragrance you could ever dream of. And very cleverly named with areas of Los Angeles and New York City. Given my current location in Italy, I’m anxiously waiting for a line of European scents! Continue reading

An American Poet


Don’t you lover her madly…


Don’t you love her ways, tell me what you say. I remember my first introduction to The Doors when I was about 12 by my cousin who basically defined everything that was cool. She was only a year older but I felt like she was light years beyond me in defining what clothing was in, how to sneak alcohol and cigarettes and obviously what were the coolest bands to listen to at the moment. I took most of my coolness cues from her and started to get into all the music she was into which included The Grateful Dead, The Doors and the entire soundtrack to Wayne’s World. We would listen to The Doors self-titled album on summer road trips with her mom and those songs have stuck with me every since. Now to be rocking Jim Morrison’s face on some high-waisted lace-up knickers, why not?! Continue reading

Mojave Maven

shop-bop-free-people-fpme-bandana-print-patchwork-beaux-slip-dress-boho-bohemian-fashion-blogger-overtone-bunnie-desert-photo-shoot-las-vegas 17

Lusting over desert wanderings.

shop-bop-free-people-fpme-bandana-print-patchwork-beaux-slip-dress-boho-bohemian-fashion-blogger-overtone-bunnie-desert-photo-shoot-las-vegas 4

I feel like this was my farewell shoot in the US before I embarked on a three month European adventure. It’s been a whirlwind prepping for this European tour with Italian artist Zucchero and now that I’m here an even more taxing (yet amazingly rewarding) amount of effort to learn and internalize close to 60 songs. So much to the point that I’ve been MIA from social media and writing consistent blog posts. Things are finally getting in a groove and I’ve been settling in, something I thought I’d never say during my first two weeks here playing my instrument nearly 14 hours every day. As we’re heading into production rehearsals I’m getting super excited about the shows, something I couldn’t even conceive with the amount of material to sort through (and having it all be in Italian)! As you can imagine a fashion blogger packing for three months is no easy task. This dress from Shopbop in particular made the cut and has been taking the journey with me across Italy and soon all over Europe. Continue reading

Wild Horses

this-is-mouth-chevaux-dress-horse-halter-joshua-tree-fashion-blogger-rancho-v-overtone-boho-travel-desert-photo-shoot-global-made-in-la 29

Wild, wild horses we’ll ride them some day

this-is-mouth-chevaux-dress-horse-halter-joshua-tree-fashion-blogger-rancho-v-overtone-boho-travel-desert-photo-shoot-global-made-in-la 48

Our final evening at Rancho V. Nothing could be more serene than the desert at dusk. Carefully tiptoeing barefoot through the gravel and fallen cactus needles we made our way to the highest point of the ranch to catch the sun dipping below the Sawtooth Mountains of Pioneertown. The only thing missing from this picturesque scene was a herd of wild horses galloping in the distance. Running across the bottom of my dress is one of the most beautiful graphics printed on a clothing item. Designer Christian Cox brilliantly placed this ethereal black stallion along the hemline of this gorgeous chiffon halter dress. It almost looks as if it emerges from the evening desert shadows. Neutral beaded jewels and Native American inspired designs from Boho Global add the most perfect complement. Continue reading